We are a full-stack enterprise development agency, based in the UK and connected heavily with professional development teams in Poland, delivering a range of high quality, affordable IT solutions for local and international companies

A brief history...

IQDEV roots go back to the early 2000s, when the founders worked for one of the leading multinational ICT consultancies in Warsaw, Poland.

Those were the golden times of IT, at the height of the tech bubble, which gave us ample opportunity to hone our skills on some of Europe’s largest eCommerce, InsurTech and FinTech projects. (Surprisingly, a few of those projects survived the crash and are still going strong today – not a small feat after over 20 years!)

Back then we have worked with brands such as BMW, Renault, EasyNet, Orange, Alcatel, AGS, Daewoo Electronics, Empik.com, Skandia, ING, and IBM, as well as with various government agencies.

Among other things we have designed the e-government platform in Poland, and participated in projects for the world’s largest international defence agency.


About IQ DEV's Founders...

In 2009, having finished his PhD studies in Cardiff, Wales, Dr Rafal Bergman incorporated GeoVS Limited – our first UK-based endeavour. In this company Rafal an intelligent distributed big data, navigation, security and logistics management system that was sold to several National governments (in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Ecuador, Philippines and Panama) as well as a large number of private organisations such as BP and Statoil, grossing over £100 million globally.

After GeoVS was acquired by SRT PLC and Rafal worked through his lock-in period, the original colleagues came back together, to combine their resources and expertise, and create a super-team!

IQ DEV was founded with a clear vision of, and strong focus on, becoming a force for good by providing the highest level of software / technical expertise, business insight and ability to execute to companies in the UK.

In the last few years we’ve worked with multinational legal corporations and private enterprises across a range of sectors, including INCE Law, Reed Smith LLP, Everest Windows, University of Bedfordshire, Idwal Marine, Cambridge Cognition plc, the High Court of Hong Kong, Signum Health, and Go-Banana

We have also invested heavily into the development of our unique software library ASAP, and no-code platform IQ Flow, to enable faster creation of complete software systems at a fraction of the cost. This work was supported with over £255K of R&D grants received from Welsh Government and the European Union.

Our combined teams have over 200 business system analysts, software architects, UX and graphics designers, software developers, and project managers, with over 2000 years of combined experience. 

What distinguishes us from other software vendors is not only the depth of our expertise, and the strength of our skills, but above all the unwavering dedication to the advancement of the business of our customers with all our abilities, above purely financial considerations. 

We are also set up in a way where we can find the best teams for almost any type of project and technology (and if not we’ll openly tell you), and thus can remain impartial and driven primarily by the needs of our clients.  

Around 2001 Grzegorz Perkowski decided to follow his own path and established Infinity Group, which has become one of the most renowned web agencies in Poland.

Our ‘Team Infinity’ has since been working with international brands such as: PNB Paribas, MetLife, Vue Cinemas, T-Mobile, Allianz, Nikon, Canal+, Bayer and Uniqua.

They specialise in technology stacks including C#, PHP, as well as modern front-end stacks, and CMS systems such as Kentico, Umbraco and Sitecore. They are also experts in Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure. Grzegorz’s agency won multiple awards for best sites in Kentico and Sitecore for many consecutive years.

He’s now leading a team of 140 developers, designers and UX experts, almost all long-term employees at the top of their profession.

A few years later Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz started his own software development company, Omega Code. He’s been focusing on large integration projects, excelling in systems involving big data, AI / machine learning and enterprise service bus solutions (such as WSO2).

Mariusz has been working with eCommerce, financial sector and big pharma companies, and developed a dedicated market data analytics, data collection and management, workflow, and forecasting system Matrix CPM. Our ‘Team Omega’ specializes in modern technology stacks based on Node.js, Angular, React, PHP, Java, as well as ecommerce platforms (Magento 2, PrestaShop) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions (PIMCore, Akeneo).

Biggest international clients include: Skandia, Provident, Teva, Gedeon Richter, Abbott, Mylan, Vienna Life and Compensa


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