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Whether you’re launching a website for your new bed and breakfast, or planning to redesign your existing hotel website, you know that an effective online presence is key to your success. But if you’re new to the digital world, you may not know what makes or breaks a hotel website.

Naturally, when redesigning a hotel website, you want the end product to be the greatest. One that entices passers-by to become bookers, opting for your lodging over all the others. You’re well aware that the site must be mobile-friendly and simple to use, with stunning photography showcasing everything your hotel has to offer… But, aside from that, what else do you require?

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If you own a hotel, you understand the importance of the atmosphere. Take your website as a digital extension of your physical location. Is your hotel’s website mimicking the same ambiance? The hotel below does this. Customers can also take a virtual tour of the restaurant to have a better idea of what to expect

Websites for hotels can really benefit from the use of an “about” section. Look at the about section for your website as an opportunity to tell your story. Do you only use locally sourced ingredients? Let your customers know! Were you inspired by your great-grandmother’s recipes? Tell people all about it!

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Online Ordering & Reservations...

Consumers are enticed by the convenience of online ordering, especially when compared to placing orders over the phone. Many consumers prefer to enter credit card information on a secure website rather than giving their credit card number over the phone

Orders are less likely to be messed up as a result of a miscommunication. A mobile eatery’s website. Even if there are no choices for delivery or takeout. Providing mobile options for booking reservations or placing catering orders could be quite beneficial to your business

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Specials and Hotel Deals

Everyone is looking for a deal. Even if you don’t offer deals or discounts, consider putting together packages or at least explain that your rates are competitive and most affordable when booked directly through your website. Take your specials a step farther by partnering with other local establishments to create unique packages that make exploring the area affordable and convenient.

Embedded Reservations & Buttons

Online reservations are a must. On mobile we recommend a simple book now button. For desktop searches, when possible it is best to embed a date selection wizard into every page that connects to your online reservation system.

Photos and Videos Dedicated Page

Sure, you have photos and videos throughout the whole site, but travellers want to see them all in one place and be able to self-direct what photos they look at. Each photo should have a description that describes the photo and features the unique selling points of the resort. Consider having multiple photo album pages that focus on different interests, rooms, activities, weddings, meetings, amenities

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Find the items they want or need and if your business can offer this for your customers there’s no reason why you shouldn’t appeal to a wider range of customers all looking for a convenient and flexible experience

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Grow your product range and your target audience, as well as develop your business for customer requirements and consumer demand. An e-commerce site let’s you scale your business according

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