Matrix Corporate Performance Management

Intelligent software enabling efficient data collection, planning and management of operational & financial performance, enabling fully-informed decision making

Matrix CPM is a Profit & Financial Performance Management Platform


Intelligent software for efficient data collection, management of operational & financial performance within your organisation, streamlining planning & budgeting processes & enabling fully-informed decision making

Matrix CPM is a Profit & Financial Performance Management Platform

What is Matrix CPM and why do we love using it?

Intelligent software enabling efficient and effective data collection and management within the company, enabling best informed decision making Matrix provides perfect bridge between history and the future. Perfect data management input and output, not making the same mistake twice

Matrix Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform is a modern process, analytical, reporting and data consolidating platform combining inputs from relevant systems and manual entry by departments & field personnel. Tailored to the needs of companies manufacturing, selling or marketing products, to analyse, forecast and plan sales and costs based on an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) model for analysis of market and internal data streams.

We remove the uncertainty from your IT projects and enable you to...

Introduce new products and services with minimal risk using agile development

Disrupt your industry and generate a lasting impression with your customer base

Outsmart your competitors by delivering lifetime customer value

Get closer to your consumers and allow your consumers to get closer to you

Develop and scale your operation and achieve your business' vision!

Matrix CPM is a Profit & Financial Performance Management Platform
Revolutionise the way your company budgets, forecasts & reports financial data

In the modern world with dynamically changing market conditions, you need a clear understanding of the current situation of your business. You also need a foresight of the upcoming changes, and a roadmap to the destination. Matrix CPM gives you all of that and more.

Budgeting & Cash Flow

It improves budget execution, feedback and control and allows you to plan and manage a rolling budget adjusted to a changing market situation

Forecasting & Scenarios

Matrix enables forecasting and monitoring of performance deviations at all levels for revenues and costs

Analytics & Reports

A reporting system dedicated to production and distribution, automating forecasting processes budgeting, reporting and analysis.

Improve financial performance

Introduce better planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and controlling across your functions and departments. Remove financial uncertainty from your operations. Introduce standardised processes and workflows to enable and streamline collaborative work on budgets and plans. Automate and remove the headache of laborious, repetitive and error prone work of financial teams around collection, processing and presentation of data

Integrate your systems & data

Combine all disparate sources of data – including internal and external systems, and local files (such as financial models kept in Excel), into a single, comprehensive, timely and accurate source of truth – collected and kept up-to-date by an automated process. Combine internal and internal real-time and historic data from across your organisation (ERP, HR, sales, manufacturing, finance) and the market

Reporting & analytics

MatrixAnalysis module Perform analysis on data in the Matrix System using pivot tables. Build "ad hoc" reports that are useful in a given moment Reports Module Present data in standard reports built for a given client. Presentation: numerical, tabular or visual (charts) Data comparison and analysis according to your choice Possibility of data visualisation and dynamic presentation of selected analyses in external systems and applications - e.g. sales rankings. Attractive data imaging in electronic form and for printed reports via PowerBI, Qlik, etc

Budgeting and cost analysis

Consolidation of data from various sources/sheets from many units in one place (ESB strategy: *.xls files, ERP category system - e.g.: IFS, SAP, Oracle, Navison, Xpertis; data from the market), mechanisms facilitating and accelerating the creation of forecast templates, possibility of smooth evaluation of plans and business assumptions along with the progress of the financial year expressed in rolling budgets. work in time-embedded processes and tasks with a dedicated range of available data

Matrix performs scenario analysis...

With Matrix CPM you have reliable and timely data, automatically derived and combined from all internal and external sources, at your fingertips. Our powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) models simplify the complexity, and allow you to quickly and easily perform scenario-based analysis, budgeting and planning.  

Make better financial decisions with Matrix

Imagine how things would change if every decision maker in your organisation, from a divisional sales manager to a C-level executive, was blessed with accurate, complete and timely information to underpin strategic and day-to-day decision-making.

With access to powerful financial planning, budgeting, what-if analytics and forecasting based on reliable real-time data collected from across your organisation, and the marketplace, combined with industry-leading AI-based predictive analytics, there would be no more need for stabbing in the dark resulting in unreliable and stressful gut-driven decisions

Sophisticated data integration

Matrix is a centralized, web-based solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting – integrating financial and operational planning processes

The Matrix – BI system provides a complete insight into business activities and illustrates the impact of these activities on the company’s financial performance through tight integration of the financial and operational planning models

The software enables effective implementation of planning and budgeting, while providing a platform for future development and automatic integration of business processes

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