Pimcore is a powerful open-source platform for management of digital assets, customer data, digital experiences and product information


Pimcore is a leading platform for Product Information Management (PIM) and e-commerce development, but it offers much more. It is a powerful solution for accelerating development of rich, robust and scalable digital platforms. It also contains Digital Asset (DAP) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) modules.

What is Pimcore and why do we love using it?
Pimcore is an open-source digital platform that gathers, enriches, and manages enterprise data, as well as providing customers with up-to-date, consistent, and personalised experiences

Pimcore is a custom web developer’s dream; it allows for rapid prototyping, is versatile enough for most, if not all, data modern, and is built on top of the Symfony framework, which is a tried-and-true solution. Pimcore is a great alternative to the most expensive digital experiences because it’s incredibly dynamic in what can be deployed. With an API-driven approach and the developer marketplace, no functionality is too complex for Pimcore to handle, making it a truly flexible platform that you can grow with.

Pimcore is great for building more functional, rich digital platforms faster and at a lower cost than ever before. It’s a leading content management system and web-accelerator tool, powered by APIs and marketplace. API access enables integrations to other tools, web developers can create digital products and services for pretty much any consumer or enterprise need, design and functionality can be completely customised to meet most requirements.

Why is Pimcore great for independent manufacturers?

Pimcore is a great basis for e-commerce operations, or to manage and distribute (but also maintain control over) your products data. For manufacturers this is hugely important. This means that you can provide comprehensive, timely and accurate product information to your distributors, or channel sales partners, worldwide. 

If you’d like to embark on a Direct to Customer (DTC, or D2C) journey it will provide the reliable integrated product catalogue and database to underpin whatever e-commerce platform you decide to use on the front end.  

Your marketing operations may be automated using Pimcore, and your product catalogue can be printed in minutes. You may use Pimcore to combine other components and have all of the information you need for a successful e-commerce business in one location – no need to have several Excel, Word, or other documents on your laptop, Dropbox, or Google Suite.

We remove the uncertainty from your IT projects and enable you to...

Introduce new products and services with minimal risk using agile development

Disrupt your industry and generate a lasting impression with your customer base

Outsmart your competitors by delivering lifetime customer value

Get closer to your consumers and allow your consumers to get closer to you

Develop and scale your operation and achieve your business' vision!

Product Information Management, Customer Management System, Digital Asset Management, and eCommerce are all consolidated into one place with Pimcore eCommerce

Product Information Management is critical to the successful administration of a web store, as it allows for the management of product information and photos, as well as their presentation in an effective and integrated manner. Companies frequently underestimate the technology required to meet all of their current and future digital commerce needs

Choosing and implementing a digital store solution is only the first step in a lengthy and involved process of creating a consumer web product that involves several IT tools, systems, developers, applications, plugins, and business processes.

Pimcore is a unified eCommerce ecosystem that streamlines the complicated process of building an online shop that adheres to sound core principles while also allowing for the development of unique features and USPs for a powerful company kiosk

The new normal is multichannel

Every business must communicate with customers online in order to engage, convert, and keep them satisfied. Pimcore has integrated all operations under one roof to assist businesses in this dynamic ecosystem, making it much easier to establish and scale a custom shop with no growth pains


The Pimcore platform is accessible as an open-source powered enterprise Pimcore Subscription or as an open-source powered open-source platform. This distinguishes it as a viable alternative to commercial enterprise data and experience management solutions. You are not restricted to purchasing software from a single large vendor, thus there is no vendor lock-in. You have complete control of your IP and can increase ROI while lowering TCO

Quality data management

For multi-channel publishing and digital commerce projects, the data management components collect, manage, and disseminate any type and amount of data and digital assets. To increase data reliability and ensure faster time-to-market, businesses can address issues including scattered data, data quality management, and data syndication

Control information and distribution

Create unique listing content in Pimcore and restrict access to only the channels that need it. For their respective channels, retailers, wholesalers, marketplaces, and distributors have various needs. Maintain control over how products are displayed across platforms

What makes Pimcore so fantastic?

Pimcore is an open-source platform that is sweeping the globe at breakneck speed. It has grown in popularity not only in Europe but also in other parts of the American continent and Asia. IKEA, Audi, and Intersport are just a few of the large firms that use Pimcore in their daily operations and are blown away by it

Rapid System Innovation

The key of Pimcore is that as a framework, it enables organisations to be smart by starting with a modest product and scaling up from a minimum viable product (MVP) approach, without having to change the system in the process

By utilising all existing, open-source innovations from AI, ML libraries, and other tools, the platform ensures starting cost reduction, allowing administrators to profit from the development community and marketplace, allowing access to outstanding ideas produced by the community

Unmatched flexibility

Pimcore’s wide, stable, and comprehensive APIs, which are built on open standards, allow for flexible connection with IT systems like ERPs and marketing apps.

Pimcore’s wide features assist business customers since they are totally modifiable, 100 percent is adaptable to corporate needs and able to reduce time-to-market with minimal deployment risks. The programme adapts to you rather than the other way around

Experience management

Deliver material to any output device or channel. Create customised websites, portals, intranets, and extranets that are sophisticated, marketing-driven, and personalised.

The robust platform, which is built on entirely API-driven, headless content and commerce capabilities, handles customer-centric experiences across all digital channels, as well as digital signage, point-of-sale, and print

High Standard of Operation

Over the previous 5-10 years, manufacturers’ demands have skyrocketed. By integrating fragmented information and improving the purchase experience, digitalisation with smart data management is altering the retail business as a whole

Distributors face a slew of new issues when it comes to product data. Exaggerated consumer and supplier expectations are pushing and raising the bar for what constitutes a strong online product, service, or store

Delivering exceptional end-to-end retail experiences requires consistent and accurate product data

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