Prestashop is a powerful e-commerce platform for shops and marketplaces, and a great alternative to very complex Magento and too limited WooCommerce


PrestaShop is a powerful and innovative e-commerce platform that includes all of the tools you'll need to set up an online store and expand your business

What is PrestaShop and why do we love using it?

PrestaShop is a powerful open-source platform for building modern e-commerce sites. 

Its most notable characteristic is its capacity to be extremely scalable because of its core power, and the ease of configuration, also for non-expert non-tech users. 

Store merchants can configure the platform with any specific functionality they desire, from simple to extensive. With a vibrant market for plug ins that extend its core functionality, it is a perfect platform for integration with different sales channels, and digital marketing services. Because of its scalability and open code, does not require prior online merchant management experience at its most basic level.

In the hands of expert developers, Prestashop will thrive and show its full potential. Whether you need millions of products, custom feeds of data, or an advanced marketplace platform capability, it all can be developed with great speed, performance, security. On top of that Prestashop is easy to manage and offers a relatively low Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). 

What is main difference between Magento and PrestaShop?

PrestaShop’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it simple to use for both novices and experts. Despite its enormous potential, Magento has a more complicated user interface. As a result, you’ll need the assistance of an expert, an agency, or a full-time developer to build your internet store. Despite the lack of a licencing price for the open source version, it is necessary to hire a full-time professional or an agency to manage Magento. 

And when we talk about that, managing custom extensions and integrations, and other custom development with Magento is the stuff of nightmares plaguing developers, who swear that they would rather eat raw horseradish than get back to work on Magento. This makes finding a team difficult, and the complexity of Magento codebase means that developments take much longer, and maintainability is lower.

Furthermore, Magento’s themes and modules are more expensive than PrestaShop’s. As a result, PrestaShop is 2.5 times less expensive than Magento for a similar online store

The significant difference between WooCommerce and PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open-source platform that you can freely download and install to create your online store. The same is true for WooCommerce, which is a great small-scale solution for someone who wants to fully own and control their shop, rather than renting it from (and remaining at the mercy of) platforms such as Shopify or Big Commerce.

But while we love WooCommerce for its simplicity, and the fact that it is an e-commerce plug in extending the WordPress platform for no-code website development, its limitations are evident when you have more than a few dozens, or couple of hundreds products. Yes, with custom back-end optimisations it is possible to squeeze more from WooCommerce, but there are limits. 

Unlike WooCommerce, Prestashop can handle everything you throw at it, from large stores to complex marketplaces with millions of products in thousands of custom categories, and hundreds of custom data feeds. If you need this scale of complexity, and want to avoid troubles with Magento, Prestashop is your best bet.   

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Prestashop is one of the most popular eCommerce fast kiosk online solutions, and it’s an open-source system that’s freely available on the open market. Prestashop, a French startup founded in 2007, provides one of the most successful solutions for small and large businesses, balancing quality, speed, and ease of use, making it an appealing alternative for a powerful, scalable store
Prestashop is designed to help you create a profitable online store quickly, safely, and easily. Prestashop was created with PHP code and a MySQL database, making it ideal for Web 2.0. It also accepts a number of other payment options, including Stripe, Google Checkout, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Prestashop is one of the most efficient eCommerce platforms available. It is simple to use and understand, with a short learning curve. It gives you additional customisation options to improve the look and operation of your eCommerce store, and it takes up less server space than other e-commerce shopping kiosk programmes

Move your company forward swiftly

Easily manage all of your items. Orders should be tracked and fulfilled, customer connections should be improved, and statistics should be kept up to date. Unlike other platforms, the fundamental functionality and modules are rather simple to grasp. You won't require developers to help you run your store's daily operations

Customise the design and feel of the site

Choose from a variety of professionally created branding, logo, and design theme templates. For adding new functionality to stores, integration with Bootstrap 3.0, over 2,000 mobile responsive themes, and over 25,000 plugins are available

Sell to a worldwide audience

Setup your store to be presented in several languages and currencies in a matter of minutes. In order to engage and convert the correct visitors into customers, content authoring is essential. Internal machine learning aids content writers by determining which keywords and phrases are most relevant

What's great about Prestashop?

PrestaShop is an eCommerce platform that is free and open source. The Open Software License governs the distribution of the software. It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL for database administration. The Symfony PHP framework is required for it to function

Open-source plugin marketplace...

PrestaShop is an open-source platform that allows merchants and developers to construct unique websites with a wide range of features. Members can offer encouragement and motivation to others

Prestashop is used by over 850,000 administrators. This development community has made a substantial contribution to the platform’s long-term development; for example, the platform’s translation features are available in 65 languages

Thousands of plugins and theme files are available for users to utilise in the add-ons marketplace, helping to further break down barriers such as financial constraints, spoken languages, currencies, and technical knowledge

Simple interface to grasp...

Using Prestashop to build a fully functional online store from the ground up will help you go to market quickly. The majority of the store’s visual aspects can be customised to reflect the store’s look, feel, and branding guidelines, with the plugin marketplace providing more USPs

The admin system houses a comprehensive collection of basic store capabilities for suppliers and manufacturers, including fulfillment, product listings, payment infrastructure, and visual design. The product can be further customised by integrating with a wide range of popular business apps and services via integrated APIs

To ensure that all members get the most out of PrestaShop, there is considerable documentation accessible in the form of manuals, training, and FAQs for users of various levels of knowledge and roles

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