TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. join the fast growing ranks of our happy clients. We have delivered a pharmaceutical industry dedicated BI (Business Intelligence) Platform to Teva. Thank you for choosing us and best of luck with your business!

Letter of recommendation from TEVA…

“Teva, as one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, helping 200 million patients every day, maintains the highest standards of corporate governance, and treats this as a critical element of responsible business. In all areas of our operations we are rigorously adhering to regulations and procedures, including in development of new drugs, promotion activities, and management of the corporate finances.

Ten years ago Teva decided to introduce the Matrix CPM system to our operations in Poland. Matrix is being successfully used across the organisation, and is actively expanded, developed and supported by Omega Code.

Matrix CPM has not only significantly improved the performance of the Controlling Department, but also enabled us to:
   ✔  Reduce the time and increase the quality of our budgeting and forecasting procedures
   ✔ Improve the effectiveness of monitoring and management of the execution of tasks related to the planning and budgeting processes
   ✔  Increase the efficiency of mechanisms of obtaining information relating to ongoing and historical budgets and analyses
   ✔  Automation of the reporting procedures

Matrix simplifies and makes easier realisation of many tasks and operations, that nowadays – with Matrix – can be performed more efficiently and more accurately. Among other things Matrix enables:
   ✔  Collection and consolidation of data from different sources, such as spreadsheets from many units in a single place, and streamlines the analysis on different levels of detail with immediate access to current and forecasted data
   ✔  Creation of budgets and financial forecasts in any time frame, based on different market perspectives (sell-in and sell-out data, stock levels) and different definitions of the market, competitors, classes, etc.
   ✔  Evaluation and controlling of budgets and forecasts, with continues forecasting throughout the financial year
   ✔  Comparing of multiple budgets and forecasts created on the basis of different business assumptions and scenarios
   ✔  Keeps the auditable record of changes and approvals of the assumptions, scenarios and plans made at the level of the company Board.

Omega Code as the supplier of Matrix is a reliable partner that not only maintains the Matrix platform, but also continues the active development in accordance with the agreed strategy and in line with our business requirements, thus supporting Teva in ongoing operations. Cooperation with Omega Code is maintained at a very high level, satisfying the high standards of our organisation.”

Director of Commercial Controlling, Teva

Dariusz Salamon


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