Umbraco Framework

Umbraco is an open-source content management system platform for web and intranet publishing. It’s written in C# and runs on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud architecture


The well-known versatility of Umbraco, combined with its blank-sheet base, gives it the ideal platform for any project you're working on

What is Umbraco and why do we love using it?
When it comes to customising, Umbraco is a developer-friendly platform. Developers will find it simple to customise and extend Umbraco websites by adding new features and customising existing ones. Umbraco provides a package library where you may get new features for your Umbraco site and install them
Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) created for programmers, hence it isn’t the most user-friendly. The website management interface is outdated and not very user-friendly. Because most duties relating to how your website runs and functions are handled behind the scenes on the back end, this is the case
What is main difference between Umbraco and WordPress?
Both WordPress and Umbraco are highly customisable content management systems. Umbraco is a niche CMS system with a modest market share and a small developer community. Mid-sized enterprises with a hosting and development budget of more than $10,000 per year, which will cover hosting, support, and a maintenance retainer on the Umbraco platform, may find Umbraco to be a good fit. Umbraco may be a superior platform for your developer to create a lightweight, highly customised website for your business if you can justify the expense or afford to hire your own Umbraco specialist
The significant difference between Sitecore and Umbraco?
The fact that Umbraco is open-source, which essentially implies that it is free to use in its ‘out-of-the-box’ condition, is a significant distinction between the two systems. Umbraco is supported by a for-profit company that will charge you for support. If and when you desire additional modules, you will have to pay for them. Sitecore, on the other hand, is closed-source, which means it is a fully commercial application that can be rather expensive, but everything is included in your licence, so no further plugins or third-party tools are required (in most cases). Although both platforms use the same Microsoft stack technology, database, and language, the amount of computational power required is substantially different. Umbraco may be installed on a tiny web server, but Sitecore is built to scale to millions of users right away

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Umbraco is an open-source content management system that may be used to publish material on the Internet and intranets. It’s written in C# and runs on Microsoft’s cloud platform. The entire system has been released under an MIT License since version 4.5
Umbraco is a fantastically dynamic platform. It’s highly strong and adaptable, giving our designers and developers a lot more freedom to create unique functional websites that perform well and become valuable assets for organisations of all kinds

Your new Umbraco website may be tailored to your needs, integrated with third-party services, and will enable your team to make the most of their digital efforts

Fast & Robust

Umbraco is a comprehensive CMS that is well-supported and operates rapidly. A must-have for any digital enterprise. Create the components that your company requires, ensuring that your website is exactly what you want

Cloud Hosting from Umbraco

Umbraco comes with a hosting infrastructure and offers good value for money. It is built on Microsoft Azure's technology stack and combines stability, usability, and robustness. Note that Umbraco can be hosted on a dedicated server or Azure Web App Provider, but you won't get these services out of the box if you use Automated Updates

Easily Customise

Your team may easily construct beautiful new landing pages by dragging and dropping page components. Integrate third-party APIs quickly and easily to display material from other sources or communicate data between systems

Perfect for Optimising

Data mining is the process of examining vast collections of data for specific information, which is employed by businesses. Machine learning encapsulates data mining techniques that are applied to new algorithms. Because machine learning is set up to evaluate several profiles at once, it benefits reliable data and so aids in the development of well-aligned plans

What are Umbraco's top features?

The creation and maintenance of your website should be the last thing on your mind. With Umbraco, you get a content management system that’s acclaimed for its adaptability and ease of use

Highly versatile CMS...

The Umbraco source code is open source and free to download as a ZIP file or as a NuGet package under the MIT licence, so you can get started building websites with Umbraco right now. Do you need to create a site with a lot of third-party extensions and bespoke add-ons? It’s no problem

Do you need to create a simple website with a simple contact form? It’s no problem. Whatever the size or scope of your project, Umbraco will be able to handle it – and the cherry on top is that, because to Umbraco’s well-known editor-friendly UI, you can rest assured that no matter how complicated a site you’re creating, your editors will find it simple to edit

The cherry on top: Umbraco is based on C#, javaScript, and Razor, so you won’t have to spend time learning a new coding or templating language

A fantastic fit for web development...

Are you seeking for a CMS that gives you complete control?

A CMS that doesn’t get in the way, but rather allows you to express your creativity, ideas, and creations in order to create websites that wow – or simply work as intended. All while maintaining the happiness of your editor, boss, or client? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Umbraco is an open-source ASP.NET CMS that allows you to develop and extend your website precisely how you want it

Perfect for publishing content...

You’re also aware that content is the foundation of every website. As a result, it makes sense to use a website that makes uploading and managing information as simple as possible.

You may use Microsoft Word to create and publish content with Umbraco, guaranteeing that you can take advantage of the accessibility it provides. You can also save copies of the information to be flipped and linked later

Intuitive editing experience...

How do you keep your website or digital project fresh, relevant, and up to date? Simply by making it simple to work with for your content editor. Isn’t it self-evident? However, many people overlook this crucial factor.

We haven’t done so. We’ve added tools to Umbraco to help you get the breeze moving. This way, you can rest assured that your information, whether it’s text, photographs, or videos, will be updated on a regular basis and presented precisely how you intended

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