What is commercial innovation?

All of the world's most valuable businesses have been created on the basis of an innovative idea - a 'blue-sky' vision that someone had at a time, and then was bold and determined enough to make real...

All of the world’s most valuable businesses have been created on the basis of an innovative idea – a ‘blue-sky’ vision that someone had at a time, and then was bold and determined enough to make real. “Fortune favours the brave” may be an old Latin proverb, but it is evidently as true today as it was in ancient times. The ability to spot unique opportunities and address unmet needs in new, unique, and better ways is still the surest shortcut to commercial success. And even if your idea is not as bold and daring, or does not have the same scale as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, or Alibaba (to name just the top 7 of the most valuable brands in 2019) you can still greatly benefit from innovation.

After all what is a better way of breaking away from competitors than offering a unique product, service, or a new and disruptive business model? Is there a shorter path to your customers’ hearts than creating something they need, want, or that makes their lives easier, that no one else can provide (or do as well as you do)? What can be better than a ‘blue ocean’ with its first-mover advantage?

‘Blue-sky’ innovation enables you to enter new markets and carve out new niches with untapped potential, to delight your customers, create better tools and processes, making your business more efficient and capable than your competitors – and by doing this ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. It builds lasting value in your business, making it more attractive to both clients and investors, and enables you to break away from the crowd.

All you need is a new idea – large or small – based on a recognition of an opportunity to introduce some improvements to the way things are done in your market or industry, and a resolve to bring it into reality.

The idea has to come from you, as the one who knows your industry better than generalists such as ourselves ever will, but we are at your service to talk it through and help you refine and sharpen it with our technology-based perspective.

With our extensive experience and track record in the successful development of novel products and services across different industries over many years, we are able to advise and help you specify and plan your innovation projects and R&D in an optimal, pragmatic, and realistic way that reduces the risk and maximises the chance of success.

Our experience includes ‘blue-sky’ analysis, design, planning, development, and market launch of new solutions, and also includes preparation of documentation and other technical support necessary in the process of securing buy-in from stakeholders and decision-makers, as well as funding from innovation grants, bank loans or private investors.

Benefits of original innovation

  • Create new business models
  • Realise your unique vision(s)
  • Offer unique products and services
  • Access untapped opportunities
  • Secure first mover advantage
  • Build sustainable competitive advantage
  • Increase the value of your business

With so many opportunities waiting to be realised there is no reason to hesitate. When can we discuss your idea?


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