What is Prestashop e-commerce platform and what are the benefits?

Prestashop e-commerce platform
Prestashop is a powerful e-commerce platform for shops and marketplaces, and a great alternative to complex Magento and limited WooCommerce.

The world is changing, so is e-commerce. Numerous online platforms have sprung up. Not all are made equal.

Until recently, if you planned to build online e-commerce presence you could either go the route of custom development (which was costly, took long time and did not guarantee the right feature set and performance) or use Magento or WooCommerce. 

Why not use Magento?

Magento has a reputation for a solid platform for ‘serious’ shops, i.e. shops that require large scale, security and performance. You can read more about it in our blog post here:  What is Magento and what are the benefits?

But Magento has some problems. It is very complex and difficult to develop and maintain. As the complexity grows, so grow the problems. Over a time it can become a bit of a nightmare, and we know devs who are afraid of falling asleep because it may haunt them in their dreams. 

Magento is great, but to deal with its problems you need real professionals. We offer our help with an expert team of e-commerce analysts and Magento developers: Magento Development.

What about WooCommerce?

On the other end of the scale is WooCommerce, the e-commerce plug in for WordPress. We love WordPress and it’s power and simplicity. But let’s be honest – it’s been designed as a blogging platform and website CMS, not an e-commerce solution. It works brilliantly for small to medium shops, but developing a large e-commerce platform or a marketplace on it is very difficult and unlikely to yield the right performance. 

If you need help to achieve max results with WooCommerce look at our dedicated page where we offer our expert team and WooCommerce development services:  WooCommerce Development.

Enter the Prestashop dragon

Prestashop sits right in the middle. It is highly scalable, fast, beautiful and guaranteed to improve all your e-commerce metrices and KPIs. It is also much easier to develop for than Magento. And it is a proper e-commerce platform, with no limitations, unlike WooCommerce. 

If you want to create a solid and lasting e-commerce presence, Prestashop is your answer. It’s been trusted and successfully used by over 300,000 shops worldwide.

Benefits of Prestashop

It is free & makes your life easy. It has partnered with Google, PayPal, eBay, etc. to offer seamless integration with online payments, marketing and channels. It has no monthly fees. No commissions on your sales. This makes it ideal for starting on a shoe string.

As a free shopping platform, it helps your business. Whether small or large.  It builds businesses and manages online stores that are successful.

Established in 2007, allows you to launch that online store you have been dreaming about.

  • It is open-source. Prestashop enables copyright holders to utilize, learn, issue, and change the software. Change to anyone and for any reason.
  • Personalize your store, with over 900 themes. This allows you to choose colours and logos from among these numerous themes.
  • Drives business. A well-managed business is every entrepreneur’s dream. Prestashop runs your products, orders, and your relationship with your customers and tracks statistics.
  • Attracts traffic – as a great CMS it gives the flexibility of sharing your content on social networks and blogs
  • Sells worldwide. Prestashop gives your business an operating environment with no borders. It helps entrepreneurs push the boundaries of commerce. It gives you room to showcase your business in different languages and currencies.
  • Supports major payment services. As a Customer, you will make transactions with ease. Major payment services like pay like Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, etc. hence attracting more visitors.
  • Library of addons enable marketing, provide operational functionality and increase the visibility of your business. This will attract traffic in the long term.

To get a good experience with Prestashop, visit their site (and try the demo) here:

And if you want to learn more from the people who implemented dozens of complex shops and marketplace platforms with Prestashop, and introduced it to the UK (it’s been tremendously popular in France, Germany, Middle-East, South-America, but not in the UK yet), contact us, or see our Prestashop page here: Prestashop Development.



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