What is Umbraco and what are the benefits?

If you need a friendly Content Management System (CMS), Umbraco is your answer. It is simple to use. Umbraco targets agencies, marketers, and developers. This CMS boasts of an open-source community of over 200,000 active users

It allows you to experience a high degree of dynamism. With Umbraco, you meet an intuitive content editing interface. It is usually referred to as the “friendly CMS”.

Umbraco, as an open-source CMS, is free for you. It was engineered using the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.  It runs on Windows system. Established in 2000, It is the oldest open source CMS. You can download and use Umbraco software anytime, anywhere. It allows you to create. If you find it tedious to manage your websites, Umbraco is the answer.

How you use Umbraco depends on your overall goal. Are you looking for a solution as an internet developer? Do you seek to learn how to work with content in Umbraco? Then, knowing the benefits is a plus.

The benefits of using Umbraco are numerous. Here is a list:

  • Umbraco as a free CMS
  • Umbraco CMS has a big support base
  • Excellent for content publication
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 100% control of CMS
  • The cloud factor
  • Personalization element

Umbraco as a free CMS

Umbraco CMS services are free. Payment arises when you request design services. As an open-source, it can save you some money. In case you are not interested in using future services, simple! Employ another Umbraco Web designer who has some level of experience.

Umbraco CMS has an overwhelming support base

The support community of Umbraco is commendable. You can put up queries and be advised by expert developers and other members of the community. This will make you feel “you are not alone”

Umbraco has user resources like the growing online community of Information Technology (IT) experts. A premium support service fee is charged. It boasts of having over a hundred video tutorials.

Excellent for content publication

Umbraco platform provides familiarity. You can use Microsoft Word for the creation and publication of content. You can create several versions of your content and compare them later. Inserting, using and management of pictures is simple in Umbraco.

Search Engine Optimization

Umbraco design services allow you to optimize your site. Once you launch your site, it is ready for optimization.

100% control of CMS

You can easily download and install a package in a short time. This gives you much-needed control to add features to your website. You do not need technical skills like those of a Web designer.

The cloud factor

As a cloud-based CMS, Umbraco does not need frequent installing and updating. It saves you this inconvenience.

Personalization feature

Customization in Umbraco is seamless. Do you want to expand your website? You can, whenever and wherever. You can build on-demand advanced features like membership when in need.

In conclusion, Web development and content management require having a dependable CMS. The majority of businesses in website development advise you not to dismiss Umbraco.


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