WSO2 & System Integration

WSO2 platform & ESB allows developers to integrate services and applications in an easy, efficient and productive manner. It also provides ease of connecting cloud applications using a wide array of cloud connectors ready to be used


WSO2 is a comprehensive and reliable ecosystem of system integration tools, with Enterprise Services Bus, designed from the ground up to be easy to use, standards-based, extensible, secure and highly scalable. It has evolved over the years to meet the demands of cloud and container trends

What is WSO2 and why do we love using it?

WSO2 is an all-in-one platform with built-in Enterprise Services Bus, Integration, API Management, and Identity and Access Management tools to create an integrated API supply chain. And it only gets better… it is available as open source :). Now we are talking!

WSO2 comprises of many specialised modules that together offer the most comprehensive and complete approach to high-scale enterprise systems integration, with greatest reliability, shortest time to market and lowest TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) among commercially available tools and platforms of this type. It makes systems integration a much easier task, and provides fantastic ROI.

As developers, we love its simplicity and trouble-free reliability. It makes any integration project a breeze and leaves more time and resources to focus on functionalities that add value to users, enable gains in efficiency and define your unique advantage. 

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We remove the uncertainty from your IT projects and enable you to...

Introduce new products and services with minimal risk using agile development

Disrupt your industry and generate a lasting impression with your customer base

Outsmart your competitors by delivering lifetime customer value

Get closer to your consumers and allow your consumers to get closer to you

Develop and scale your operation and achieve your business' vision!

WSO2 Identity Server enables connecting and re-using both new and existing IT assets in a secured manner. You can connect JDBC, LDAP or Active Directory user stores and enforce role-based or attribute-based access control with XACML. Ensure the security of the APIs being exposed using OAuth2 and associated grant types
Multi-option and multi-factor authentication can be used to define how users should be authenticated to service providers. Inbound, outbound and just-in-time (JIT) user provisioning support by WSO2 Identity Server can be used to help organisations quickly, cheaply, reliably and securely manage information about users on multiple systems and applications.

ID Governance and Admin

User and group management User self service features (account recovery, self registration, account locking, etc.) Provisioning based on standards such as SCIM and SPML. On the fly and rule-based provisioning

Strong Authentication

Multi-option and multi-factor authentication support. Kerberos and X.509 support 2-factor authentication including FIDO, SMS/Email OTP, MePin and more

Single Sign-On

Security Assertion Markup Language 2 (SAML2) and OpenID connect support. Single logout. SSO between on-premise applications and cloud applications. Simple service provider and identity provider ecosystem management

Identity Federation

Federated SSO with external identity providers. Support for Facebook, Google, Microsoft Windows Live and more. User claims and roles transformation

What is WSO2 Enterprise Integrator?

No limits – Our flexible architecture helps you to extend the product to meet YOUR needs—however simple or complex. Deploy anywhere – On-prem, within your own data centers, or in the cloud. We can even manage your cloud deployment

With API monetization support, you can improve your company’s ROI by using a reusable platform

An IT-focused approach is common to most API projects and digital transformation projects. Early involvement by the business makes it simpler to align these initiatives with corporate goals rather than creating their own goals that are unrelated to the company. By allowing developers to reuse services and APIs, an API-driven platform increases the return on investment in various ways, including cost savings, faster time to market, and creating new business possibilities

Some APIs can also be made available as monetised APIs to obtain the platform’s advantages immediately. WSO2’s built-in API reuse and monetisation capabilities allow businesses to create successful IT initiatives that won’t go out of business after a while due to a lack of commercial value

WSO2 offers the most comprehensive product support for businesses

WSO2 has a distinct culture in which engineers who work on the firm’s products go through several roles during their profession. They typically develop as contractors while working as support engineers, pre-sales engineers, and evangelists in their profession

The culture of support engineers in this firm, coupled with the fact that there is a steady supply of engineers who built the product, means that there are several excellent engineers available to assist customers in getting rapid solutions to their problems at any given moment. At the same time, they allow other support engineers to have product expertise by hosting enablement sessions, and most support engineers become contributors. This linked engineering culture allows the WSO2 support staff to deliver the most comprehensive assistance when things go wrong in a custom setting

What should you consider when selecting an IAM solution?

Selecting an identity and access management solution in today’s connected digital world requires you to consider both technical and business needs. IAM solutions address the mission-critical needs to ensure appropriate access to resources across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments

It also needs to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements. This security practice is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise and needs to be business-aligned taking into account enhanced user experience to eliminate hassle of security policies and procedures while ensuring the highest possible level of security. It also needs to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs

Main benefits of using a WSO2 Identity Server?

WSO2 Identity Server is an open source solution that safeguards you from vendor lock-in. It is superior in terms of feature compatibility compared to any commercial IAM solution available in the market…
  • Scalable design suited for enterprise wide deployment
  • Simple configuration driven design to help connect all ID components
  • Enables a loosely coupled solution for IAM with easy to use extension points to connect third party systems related to IAM concerns
  • Provides a secure and reliable enterprise IAM solution with proactive patching and regular security updates

What is WSO2 and why do we love using it?

The increasing number of IT users and resources in enterprises necessitates improved identity management that is both secure and efficient. However, this management is getting increasingly complicated, which explains why we need access to comprehensive identity controls…

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